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You can support us simply by shopping!

East Alabama Humane Society is run solely on donations, and times are hard in animal welfare with a decrease in monetary donations and adoptions. The costs of maintaining the shelter and medical care for the dogs are rising. The influx of homeless pets is at an all-time high. The sole purpose of the thrift store is to help support and sustain the shelter to be able to continue our mission.

We do except donation of items like:

                                                                 - Furniture

                                                                 - Household items

                                                                 - Children toys

                                                                 - Knick knacks

                                                                 - Or any hidden treasures

We do not accept:

                                                                 - Clothes / shoes

                                                                 - Items in poor condition (unsellable)

Please contact us at 334-298-6446 to arrange drop off!

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1317 9th Avenue

Phenix City, AL 36867

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Wednesday 9-4 pm EST

Thursday 9-4 pm EST

Friday 9-4 pm EST

Saturday 9-2 pm EST

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