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 Frequently Asked Questions 

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact us at or

call during business hours 334-298-6446.

I found a stray, can I bring it to EAHS?

All strays need to be reported to your local animal control facility. Pets are seen as personal property, and we are unable to adopt out a dog that is not surrendered by the owner. Animal control holds stray animals for a set length of time (varies based on area-typically 5-7 days), after being unclaimed the dog is available for a rescue group to pull or available to the public for adoption.

How do I report animal cruelty or neglect?

Please contact your local animal control officer or sheriff’s department immediately to report any cases of animal abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

How do I adopt an EAHS dog?

The first step in adopting a dog from EAHS, is finding the dog you are interested and filling out an adoption application.

Is there an adoption fee?

Yes, there is an adoption fee. Adoption fees vary, so please contact the shelter for specific adoption questions.

How long will it take to hear back about my adoption application?

Some days you might send in an inquiry and get a response within a few minutes and other groups may take a few days or a week. Don’t be afraid to follow up. Sometimes, the person at the desk is on a tough phone call, everyone in the office is tied up with two boxes of puppies that just arrived, and the volunteer in the dog kennels just started and has as many questions as you do. Ultimately, we try to approve applications as quickly as possible, but do appreciate your patience and understanding. We do our very best to place the right dog in the right environment. Peak days are Fridays, Saturdays and holidays. Please allow extra time if you submit an application during this time. You can apply here.

What if I need more time to decide? Can I place an animal on hold?

After your adoption application has been approved, we will hold a pet for 24 hours. For longer than 24 hours, or for out of area residents, we do require a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. If the adoption is completed during the hold period, the deposit is applied towards the adoption fee. If the hold is cancelled or the adoption not completed, the deposit is forfeited to EAHS. Only on hold may be placed on a pet at a time. All adoptions and adoption holds must be processed by an EAHS staff member.

Can an EAHS dog be adopted out-of-state?

Absolutely! We have had many successful adoptions out of state. The application process does take a little longer, but we are happy to walk you through it. Please call 334-298-6446.


Can I bring my current pet to meet the pet I am interested in adopting?


We prefer to have “meet-n-greets” prior to adoption. We recommend everyone in the household meet the potential new family member. Animals all have personalities, and not all personalities work well together. We understand that, and focus on matching the right dog to the right environment. Call today to schedule a time for your "meet-n-greet"- 334-298-6446.

What if the pet I am interested in has not been spayed/neutered?

All of our animals are required, by law, to be spayed/neutered. If a pet is adopted prior to being spayed/neutered, a voucher for one of our wonderful veterinary practices will be issued. At this time, we only provide vouchers for the dogs adopted from our facility. Vouchers do not cost extra, and are included in the adoption fee.

What if my new pet doesn’t work out?

Both you and your new pet need time to adjust and get to know each other. For some, it is a quick and easy transition. Others may need more time and patience to become a successful companion. If you should determine you and your new pet are not compatible, you may return the pet to EAHS. Please call prior to bringing your new pet back. We do want our pet to come back to us, but need time to prepare. In cases where a pet is not able to stay in the home, an adopter is not authorized to re-home their EAHS dog prior to contacting us. We care greatly for all of our dogs/puppies and want the very best for them.


Where do the pets come from?

East Alabama Humane Society receives animals from individuals who are no longer able to care for their pet, and from other shelters/rescue groups. We do not allow our animals to be used for breeding.

Do the pets available for adoption have a time limit?

There is no time limit for how long an animal may remain in our facility. We want to see all our pets in a new home sooner rather than later, but recognize that sometimes a pet needs to wait for just the right home.

How do I meet the pet I’m interest in adoption?

You are welcome to visit our facility to see any dogs available for adoption during business hours. Once you arrive, shelter staff will assist you. Cats are housed at an offsite facility, and will require an appointment. Please call (Barbara at 706-575-3785 for cat or kitten inquiries.


What if I want to help, but cannot adopt right now?

Have no fear! There’s lots of ways to help! We always need volunteers at the shelter and during our off site adoption events. There are also dogs that can go for walks, need bathing/brushing, or just spent time with them. If you’re technologically savvy, we appreciate administrative helpers also. You can also help with facilitating fundraisers or even assisting with transportation (from the shelter, to and from the vet, to and from adoption events). Donations of needed supplies or monetary donations are always helpful too.

How do I volunteer?

The current age for volunteering is 16, but with a parent present- pre-teens are able to help. Please call or come by the shelter to speak with staff on how you can help, 334-298-6446. We do recommend all volunteers wear closed toed shoes, pants/capris, and clothing that can get dirty.


What items can I donate?

We run off of donations, and are always in need of these items. If you have questions about specific items, please call 334-298-6446. We greatly appreciate you interest to help us.


I need to re-home my pet. Can you help?

We are not an open intake facility, and take dog into our facility as we are able. You can fill out our Dog Surrender Request Form, and someone will contact you regarding your request.

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