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  • Step 1: Finding The Right Dog
    Check out our available dogs here. And review all requirements prior to completing an adoption application. When considering your new pet we recommend asking into consideration: -Are you allowed to have a pet where you live (breed/weight restrictions)? -Have you researched the breed you're interested in to ensure the best match for your activity level? -Are you home enough to provide adequate excercise? -Have you considered how a pet would affect future moves, children, vacations/traveling etc.? -Can you afford a pet? -Does anyone in your home suffer from pet allergies? -Do you have the time & patience for training? We welcome you to call the shelter if you are not sure what kind of pet would be best for your family.
  • What are the adoption requirements?
    21 years of age with a current drivers license or ID LANDLORD APPROVAL; if you rent- please verify before applying that your landlord does not have breed or size restrictions Physical fenced in yard (Some exceptions may apply) Permission of all adults living at the residence ALL Other animals residing with you must be current on vaccinations and on heartworm prevention EAHS cannot adopt puppies under 6 months old to homes with children under 8 years old. Exceptions may be granted if there is another dog in the home. We ask our adopters to take into consideration that pets require a lifelong commitment. When planning for a new pet, future life changes such as marriage, divorce, relocation, additions to the family, career changes and allergies, must be taken into consideration.
  • How long does the adoption process take?
    The adoption process can take a few days to a few weeks to complete. Some dogs are not immediately ready to go home due to pending medical treatment. We are also thorough with placing dogs to ensure the best possible placement for adopters and the dogs in our care. We do this because it is important to us that our dogs find the right homes, and hope that you understand and are patient with us. EAHS attempts to work with everyone who is interested in adopting an animal and giving it a new forever home, however EAHS does reserve the right to refuse an adoption application for reasons including, but not limited to: false information is given, background checks cannot be verified, current identification and address cannot be verified or if the adoption is not in the best interest of the animal and the adopter.
  • What does "Pre-adoptable" mean?"
    If the dog you are interested in shows a status of "Pre-adoptable", it simply means they are not ready to go home yet but will be ready soon. All new intakes are held for a 2 week period to allow for us to assess any health or behavior hurdles. For puppies, this allows us to provide their first two series of puppy vaccinations and treat for parasites. This time period is extended out as needed to meet the needs of our new intake. During this time, applications are accepted to allow us time to process an application during this hold time that way the new dog can go home as soon as they reach their release date. If you would like to know when the dog you're interested in will be ready to go home, call 334-298-6446 or email us at
  • How much are the adoption fees?
    Typically, puppies start at $250, and adults vary (average$200). All adoptions include age appropriate vaccinations (puppies a minimum of two puppy series vaccinations), rabies vaccinations, spay/neuter, microchip, and heartworm test. For breeds that have a higher demand, there is a higher adoption fee that helps offset the cost of care for the dogs in our care with special needs, low demand, and seniors. Please call 334-298-6446 with questions or email us at
  • Where can I get an adoption application?
    Adoption applications are available for download via the button on the right or click HERE. Applications can be submitted via email to or delivered to the shelter.
  • Why should you go through all this trouble to adopt?
    Great question! Adding a new pet to your home should not be an impulse. New additions should be a well thought out and educated decision. When you chose to adopt, you should be willing to commit to providing that animal for its entire life all preventative care (vaccinations, heart-worm & flea/tick preventative, adequate). All of the dogs in our care been through at least one home. We place these dogs into homes that we feel will care for them for the rest of their lives. Our screening process has yours and the dog’s best interest at heart. We want to match you and the dog perfectly. Our adoption process is in-depth and can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on your preferences and the dogs’ needs. Remember, anything worth having is worth waiting for!
  • Step 2: Submit Your Adoption Application
    Complete and return adoption application being as detailed and complete as possible. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Once we receive your application we will verify your veterinary references, adequate fencing, housing, etc. Please do not list a PO Box on your application. We do require a current address listed on the application. We will email or call with any questions, and schedule a home visit as needed. Applications can be submitted via email to or delivered to the shelter. Please call for adoption prices and to verify the dog you are interested in is available prior to submitting an application. Applications that are submitted on a Friday or Saturday will be reviewed the following Monday.
  • Step 3: Schedule Your Meet & Greet
    We will contact you after your application has been approved, to arrange a meet and greet with your dog (if applicable) and all residents in the home.
  • Step 4: Finalize Adoption
    Complete the adoption paperwork, receive health records and information on your new family member! Congratulations and welcome to the EAHS family!
  • I'm not local, can I still adopt from EAHS?"
    Absolutely! We have adopters that have come from all over the United States! We do not provide transportation services. If you're willing to make the trip, go ahead and submit your application and requested pictures of your home.
  • Senior Adoption Requirements (65+)
    Whether interested in a senior pet or a young adult, all of our senior adoptees are strongly encouraged to arrange a provision in the event that they become unable to care for their pet. This can include designating a caregiver, setting up a trust, or including pets in a will. Many of our pets came to us when their owners unexpectedly passed away without having made provisions for that pet. Our goal is to provide people with loving companions, and our pets with a home they can live their rest of their lives in. The average lifespan in the United States is 80 years old. While it is true that many people live into their 90s and sometimes beyond, the majority will not, meaning young puppies and kittens are likely outlive their owners. Sadly, often relatives are not willing to take on a 10+ year commitment with the deceased’s pet, and that pet is surrendered to a shelter. In accordance with these reasons, we have outlined the following guidelines: Seniors aged 65+ must provide proof that they have made arrangements for the care of the pet they are interested in (trust, adult child, etc.). If the pet will be entrusted to an adult family member, they must meet our requirements for adoption. Seniors 65+, regardless of arrangements, are approved to adopt senior pets (aged 5+). While we encourage all seniors to adopt older pets, this only applies to adoptees over 65 years of age.
  • Are all the dogs spayed/neutered?
    Yes. As required by law, any animal coming from a rescue is mandated to be spayed/neutered.
  • Emotional Support Assistant Dogs
    For anyone seeking the companionship of an emotional support animal, adopting the right pet can be as difficult of a decision as it is important. From cats and dogs, to rabbits, and even pigs, the choices available are varied and plentiful. Not only does each animal come with their own needs and benefits, but individual breeds within each animal type are just as diverse, hosting a range of energy levels, temperaments, and attention requirements. Emotional support animals can provide a plethora of benefits, besides that of companionship. The positive impacts they have on their owner’s life through lessening possible feelings of isolation or loneliness, encouraging them to become more active members of society, or simply calming feelings of anxiety in specific situation, cannot be understated. However, it’s essential to establish which kind of pet is right for you, and the responsibilities that go along with it. Puppies often cry at night when they’re first brought home, and can have numerous accidents until they’re fully bathroom-trained; so for someone who is desiring a dog but has either a lack of time or patience, consider adopting one who is fully grown to help mitigate these issues. Emotional support animals come in all shapes and sizes. Researching differences among them, as well as their breeds, should be any future pet owner’s first step; proper nutritional information, attention requirements, and lifestyle considerations are equally as vital. But while this process may seem daunting at first, you can rest assured that’s there’s an emotional support animal out there for everyone. **Applications for dogs under 6 months of age to be used as an ESA dog will not be considered.**
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The Official Law, Alabama House Bill 252, provides that all dogs and cats acquired from an animal facility and not sterile at the time of acquisition be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian. The adopter has 30 days to have the sterilization done, or within 30 days of the sexual maturity of the said animal. Failing or refusing to comply with this Code is a misdemeanor and any person convicted of such misdemeanor is subject to a fine of up to $200.00 and court cost.

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