Available for Adoption

Our adoption fees vary depending on age, size, behavior, medical condition and demand. The higher fees for some animals enable us to treat our elderly and "special needs" animals..

Adoption fees include:

Age Appropriate Immunizations
Disease Appropriate Testing
Parasite Prevention
Spay or Neuter
Microchip & Registration

Pet Adoption Requirements

-21 years of age with a current drivers license or ID

- Landlord approval if you rent- please verify before applying that your landlord does not have breed or size restrictions

-Permission of all adults living at the residence

- Other animals residing with you must be current on vaccinations

and on heartworm prevention

EAHS attempts to work with everyone who is interested in adopting an animal and giving it a new forever home, however EAHS does reserve the right to refuse an adoption application for reasons including, but not limited to: false information is given, background checks cannot be verified, current identification and address cannot be verified or if the adoption is not in the best interest of the animal and the adopter.


Whether interested in a senior pet or a young adult, all of our senior adoptees are strongly encouraged to arrange a provision in the event that they become unable to care for their pet. This can include designating a caregiver, setting up a trust, or including pets in a will. Many of our pets came to us when their owners unexpectedly passed away without having made provisions for that pet. Our goal is to provide people with loving companions, and our pets with a home they can live their rest of their lives in.

The average lifespan in the United States is 80 years old. While it is true that many people live into their 90s and sometimes beyond, the majority will not, meaning young puppies and kittens are likely to outlive their owners. Sadly, often relatives are not willing to take on a 10+ year commitment with the deceased’s pet, and that pet is surrendered to a shelter.


In accordance with these reasons, we have outlined the following guidelines:
Seniors aged 70+ must provide proof that they have made arrangements for the care of the pet they are interested in (trust, adult child, etc.). If the pet will be entrusted to an adult family member, they must meet our requirements for adoption. Seniors 70+, regardless of arrangements, are approved to adopt senior pets (aged 5+). While we encourage all seniors to adopt older pets, this only applies to adoptees over 70 years of age.

Below are dogs that are currently available for adoption or will be soon.

Please call the shelter with any questions 334-298-6446.

Adoption applications are available for download via the button on the right.

Applications can be submitted via email to EAHS4pets@yahoo.com

or delivered to the shelter.

Please call for adoption prices and to verify the dog you are interested in is available before submitting an application.



The Official Law, Alabama House Bill 252, provides that all dogs and cats acquired from an animal facility and not sterile at the time of acquisition be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian. The adopter has 30 days to have the sterilization done, or within 30 days of the sexual maturity of the said animal. Failing or refusing to comply with this Code is a misdemeanor and any person convicted of such misdemeanor is subject to a fine of up to $200.00 and court cost.

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How Can You Help??

The animals need...


Someone to feed them

Someone to bathe them

Someone to be their friend

Someone to adopt them

Someone to take them for a walk

Someone to help raise money

Someone to clean out their kennels

Someone to help them find their forever family

Someone to love them and play with them

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