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Dog Surrender Request

Please email your surrender request to:

We cannot guarantee we can accommodate all surrender requests, we do our very best to help all that we can when we have a kennel open.

Please provide the following information with your email:

Dog's Name-

Dog's Approximate Age-


Current weight-



Where did you get the dog?-

How long are you able to hold onto the dog?-

What is the reason you are needing to rehome?-

Is this dog house trained?-        

Crate trained?-

Is he/she good with other dogs?-




Has this dog ever bit anyone?-

Phone number to contact you-

**Make sure to send us a current photo of the dog**

If the dog that you are requesting to surrender came from another rescue, please contact the originating Rescue first.

If the dog is a stray or abandoned dog, please contact your local animal control.

Unfortunately, pets are considered personal property,

and are required, by law, to be held at animal control prior to being adopted. This allows any potential owner to reclaim their pet before it is placed for adoption. We cannot accept stray animals directly.

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